Monday – Saturday

10am – 8pm


12pm – 6pm


 $$$ PRICING $$$

Guests 8 Years of age and older

$11 for the 1st hour  (plus tax)

 $7 Each additional hour (plus tax)

7 years of age and younger (all kids that will be on the trampolines must pay)

$7 each hour (plus tax)

 Kids 18 months and younger do pay the $7 jump price. (1) PARENT may attend to the jumper for FREE.  This applies to parents only (or a grandparent if they are feeling frisky) 

 This rule is in place for the PARENT to keep watch over their child as they explore the park. 

Half hour times may be purchased at $5 only after the 1st full hour is purchased

Daily Deals

Monday: Family Night $30/hour (up to 6 people) each additional family member is $5 per hour. 4pm-8pm

Tuesday: Everyone jumps for $5.00 10 am- 3 pm

Wednesday – We celebrate groups. 7 or more just pay $6 per person to jump per hour.  Any groups, youth group, girl scouts, baseball teams, under water basket weaving teams etc.… Just $6 a person if you have 7 or more people in the club!

Thursday: Wee-jumpers and parents only! Charge wee jumpers, parents jump for free. Only ONE parent is free per kid (ex. Two parents want to jump with one wee jumper, charge $7.00 for the kid and one parent and $11.00 for the other parent.) 10 am-1 pm


Deals are NOT valid during holidays or any time during the school year when school is not in session, such as Spring Break, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, Teacher work days..Etc.  If Schools are on break then the daily deals are not active.  

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