Monday and Tuesday 10am-9pm Open Jump

Wednesday and Thursday 10am-1pm Wee Jump, 1pm-9pm Open Jump (These hours are not applicable during any school holidays such as Christmas Break, Spring Break, Summer time and other school break times.  Please always call ahead and ask a team member if you are not sure (208-881-5108) *Wee Jump: 48" jumpers and parents/guardians only

Friday-Saturday 10am-11:30pm Open Jump


Over 48"

  • $10 for the first hour, 
  • $6 for the second hour
Under 48"
  • $6 per hour

18 months & under FREE with a paying adult

Social Media Discount

Check-in on Facebook for $1 off, tag everyone in your group and everyone gets $1 off. Post on Instagram from our facility and use #ijumpidaho for $1 off.

Group Discount

Get $1 off for every 10 people in your group up to 30 and over. 

10-19 jumpers $1 off

20-29 jumpers $2 off

30 or more jumpers $3 off

(excludes Wee-Jumper pricing)

School Group Discount

School groups or educational groups that visit iJump during the day jump for a discounted rate. All school and private groups inquiries can contact our facility at 208-881-5108 or reach us by email at 

Wee Jump

Every Thursday from 10am-1pm is wee-jump time. Kids under 48" and under have the entire facility to themselves. $6/hour and one accompanying adult jumps for free. Kids are always welcome to jump at other times and there is a designated area just for the little ones, but during Wee jump, the entire park is reserved for the little jumpers and they can enjoy special pricing. (Our Wee Jump does not take place when school is out of session, such as Christmas break, Spring break, Summer time and other applicable dates.  Please if you are not sure call ahead and ask an iJump team member (208-881-5108)

Family Night

Every Monday night from 5pm-9pm, the entire family jumps for only $30/hour. Immediate family members only.  Not valid on holidays or no school days.  This package is not available on the Christmas break, during Spring Break or other holidays.

  • (208) 881-5108